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Recycling on board – Residues

Recycling on board

Even in a small space, as is a boat, recycling is possible. On board we are all very conscious of the importance of classifying rubbish and at the same time saving bilge space that would be better used for food, tools and clothing. We organize every tiny hole and gap to separate glass, paper and plastic. Thus avoiding the accumulation of garbage bags we don’t know where to keep during long crossings far from ports and also eliminating bad smells on board.


Before throwing rubbish out at sea it is convenient to bear in mind the impact it causes and how long it takes for the disintegration/decomposition of various materials:

  • Glass (sink): indefinite time.
  • Tampons, sanitary towels, plastic cans and bottles (float): 450 years.
  • Tins and cans (sink): 200 years.
  • Tetrabriks (sink): 100 years.
  • Plastic bags and glasses (sink): 50 years.
  • Wood (float): 13 years.
  • Newspaper (sink): 8 months.
  • Cardboard and carton (sink): 2 months.

Our impact

If you compose your kit with natural and biodegradable shampoos and gels, the sea will thank you, we want to avoid the great impact of micro-plastics and unnecessary contamination.

Recycling on board